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Random Thoughts

I am gonna make this part of my post short and sweet:

austin,if this is all a elaborate work then its fooling me pretty damn good,if its a shoot,sorry but i have lost all my respect for you..plain and simple

second,i wanna touch on the shortage of babyfaces in the wwf now:

ok so austin is gone and the rock is coming back who knows when,so theres the top 2 babyfaces and they arent around anymore,so who can step up?
obviously triple h is a babyface and so is hogan,but they are both on smackdown,those are 2 hugest babyfaces who honestly have been just as good or better heels,so i am interseted in seeing what they will do with these 2 in the near future because you can only have the top 2 wrestlers on smackdown like eachother for so long ya know? plus i am really getting sick of the hhh/hogan pose down all the time
on raw there is booker and rvd and possibly buh buh that are top babyfaces and basically the rest are heels,so raw needs to step up with another top babyface very soon,maybe make jericho a face again and transfer him to raw and let beniot take his spot as a heel on smackdown

there's rumors that the taker will go babyface which i think is a bad move because,well,hes been a fan favorite over his career,but for a majority hes been a heel at the same time.
theres the definite possibility that flair will go face again
i think there will be a huge push for booker,definite feud with the nwo,i also think the wwf is ruining the nwo,giving them this quasi-heel/face status,its time to make them ruthless again.

oh and the nidia/jamie knoble angle is in my mind the most horrible thing i've seen in the wwf lately,i hate the slut aspect they put on nidia because,well,she is ugly as hell and cant act whatsoever so i am not convinced one bit that she was ready for tv time,and jamie knoble needs to drop the hick accent and the bouncing around saying "boa,howd ya like that boa! wee hoo!" just utter crap in my eyes

deep inside i wish they would get back to the days of the faction a little,groups and stables of wrestlers was intersting and gave a lotta wrestlers who barely got tv time just a little more ya know?
groups like DX,NOD,the corperation,the ministry,even the oddities and kaientai when they had like 6 little japs bouncing around,that was pretty entertaining.....it seems like the ditched that for the each wrestler trys it on his own thing and i think its just more boring that way
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