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Ladies and Gentleman.. Paul Heyman's Smackdown welcomes...

SD = smackdown!

Raw = RAW .. erm yeah just to let you people know :p


First SD draft pick - Renee Dupree: I have no real problems with this seeing as how he is a very well gifted kid and though I see him being a champ.. just not a World champ which has lineage in NWA and WCW. So I give thumbs up

Jericho versus Renee Dupree: Jericho wins via shining enziguri. Odd how that move is being traded around. French Phenom oO? was that some kind of rip off of Undertaker :-p

Hell I personally think Austin is still a great showman in wrestling.

First RAW pick of the night - Shelton Benjamin. This might actually give him some mic time ^_^ sweet

Kane versus Rico w/ Jackie Gayda: perfect sqaush.. Kane wins via choke slam. I kinda like the new Kane god damn it. Was it me or was the fire a bit close to Eric and Paul?

SD pick - Mark Jindrak: good athelete, no problem really ^_^

Raw pick - Nidia.. is she still here ><!!! god damn it. Was it just me or did Rey snap his fingers as in to say damn, wish it was me? :-p

Cena raps - hahaha hilarious.. but you know who is funnier.. Paul E. Heyman ^_^! I love that guy's gestures and everything.

SD pick - Triple H.. holy sh*t!!!!  SD might just be better now. Sorry, but I do like Trips.

Christian versus Spike Dudley: Christian wins via I'm Prettier. Is it me, or was Trish dressed like Molly?  All king could come up with was Brail Edition oO? -_- he is getting way old.

Raw pick - RHYNO!!! hell yeah.. the man beast is on Raw.

Booker T & RVD versus Batista & Ric Flair for the World Tag Team Titles: Batista and Flair win via Monster Bomb n Booker T.  I liked this match. Batista did a damn good job in this match. I believe due to Trips being traded. I hope they allow him to show case his real moves. I was just thinking, if RVD goes to SD and Eddie stays there, we could see a whole new rivalry over the WWE title just like we did with them for the IC belt. Or, if he stays on Raw, Rhyno and him get to finish what they started back in ECW for the TV title.

Chris Benoit versus Rhyno for World Championship: Chris Benoit wins via crippler crossface submission. I liked this match, Rhyno got to showcase some moves even he doesn't do often. Is it me though, or did he gain weight again?

Raw pick - Tajiri.. sweet ^_^

SD pick - Theodore Long .. Oo.. he was in the ballot? WTF!!!

Raw pick - Edge.. Edge is coming to Raw.. yay -_-

SD pick - Spike Dudley. Spike and Heyman together again... maybe he can become a star this time around in WWE.

Raw pick - Paul HEYMAN!!! ROFLMAO!!!! wait.. he quit?? OOH!! hope this means ECW will come back. On it says that a new GM of Smackdown! will be decided. Did you notice only the ECW guys on Raw were mad at this?

Edge spears Bischoff.. whoopie -_-

Stone Cold had hair god damn it!! *@ commercial for Stone Cold Truth*

Eddie Guerrero versus Triple H for WWE Title: Hell, I liked this match a lot.

OH WHAT THE...!!! Red versus Blue!!

In my view very cool Raw. I liked the ending, it really reminded me of the one good spot of the invasion sotryline.. when it went EXTREME!!!

Overview.. I liked Raw a lot. I wasn't let down. :)


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