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Double: What happened to Matt Hardy?

What happened to Matt Hardy? More importantly, when was the last time he won a meaningful match on RAW?

The questions are simple to be sure, but the answers are hard to figure out.

When the roster split occurred a few years ago, the WWE took the opportunity to split up one of their most popular tag teams, the Hardy Boyz. The general consensus at the time was that Jeff Hardy would be the Shawn Michaels to Matt's Marty Jannety.

Those assumptions were proved wrong when Jeff maxed out with his limited desire and microphone skills. Matt on the other hand had a wildly popular Matt Hardy Version 1.0 gimmick and thrived on Smackdown!

He ushered in a new era of Mattitude and actually held the Cruiserweight Title. The gimmick around that was that he was too heavy, and had to work out feverously to get under the weight restriction. While the idea was used in WCW with Buff Bagwell, I thought it worked for Matt.

Hardy also a follower in Shannon Moore, who Matt referred to as an MF'er (Matt Follower). Things appeared to be going well for him.

Then he moved to RAW, where it seemed like they had nothing really new or interesting to do with him. In the last six months I can't recall Hardy doing anything remotely significant on RAW - and frankly it seems like a waste.

While Hardy isn't the biggest, best talker or best technician on the roster, he's proved that he can get over, which seems to be a problem that a lot of wrestlers are having.

Rather than throwing out his current gimmick altogether, why not have Hardy undergo a series of promos where he either gets advice from veteran wrestlers, or is shown doing general tasks with the goal of upgrading himself? Then, after a slow build, have a newly turned face Matt Hardy re-debut as Version 2.0?

I know it's not the most original of ideas, but given some of the new characters that have been popping up lately, I think it's better to tweak an idea that's proven to work, as opposed to having to rely on the writers to come up with something completely different.

If it doesn't work, it's not like it's going to ruin Matt's push because let's face it, it is non-existent.

If it does work, the WWE can add another player to the Intercontinental Championship picture - which for fans would be a good thing. It would also be a push for a younger worker on a show that has a great deal of guys in the twilight of their careers.

I think it's time for Matt Hardy Version Twoooooooahhh!

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