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Raw 05-03-04 thoughts

Well, I enjoyed this Raw. It was very much like a mini ppv. Mostly in part prolly because Judgement day and Badd Blood isn't for a while.  Evolution less Flair v Tajiri, Edge, Shelton Benjamin really gave light to the three new budding fueds. Though I do wonder what happend to Flair.

The Hurricane v Rob Conway was a formality and though a nice match, was just to clean up the time.

Kane defeating Stevie was also clean up time match though I love the fued with Hardy now.

Gail Kims win over Victoria was well deserved despite Molly

Benoit v Micheals match will be tainted and that is such a shame because it really was a classic match.

I just wish they would realize that all now people are going to say is that Benoit won because of Trips. Had Benoit won, then Trips came out, it would have proved that Benoit stands on his own, not because of Trips or Micheals. -_-

Oh, here are ther results in case you need them

Shelton Banjamin, Tajiri & Edge defeated Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton
Rob Conway defeated the Hurricane
Kane defeated Steven Richards
Gail Kim defeated Victoria in a Non Title Match
Chris Benoit defeated Shawn Michaels

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